The world famous DHL Newlands rugby stadium, has received a Betafence collapsible fence at the Danie Carven and Jan Pickard end of the stadium, manufactured and supplied by Betafence South Africa.

But let’s begin by a little of history : DHL Newlands Stadium held its first official match on may 21th 1890, in front of about 2 400 people [todays capacity is 51 900]. It is currently the worlds second oldest rugby stadium. In the 1919 the first permanent concrete stands were erected. Other important enlarging phases were done in 1927, 1931, 1950 and 1970. But the last and most valuable changes were done before the Rugby world cup in 1995 when DHL Newlands hosted the first match of the tournament. Thanks to all these improvements done in more than one century of existence, DHL Newlands Stadium is now considered as one of the best rugby grounds in the world. But in these changing worlds, visitors safety is in the heart of all at the stadium. Thus, it has been decided to improve safety of supporters in the Jan Pickard and Danie Craven ends of the stadium to meet international best standards. Additionally to these safety requirements, it was obvious that view should not be restricted on playing areas.

Thanks to Betafence’s engineering team work and worldwide references, we were chosen to erect this challenging new project, in a prestigious sport place among several competitors. Julian Barnard, Stadium curator of DHL Newlands said; “the product and service that Betafence provided in supplying these fences to an incredibly tight deadline has been nothing but exceptional. The fence is both safe and offers an unrivaled viewing experience for the supporters, I couldn’t be happier with the result.” Dan Edwards, Marketing Manager of Betafence South Africa said; “To be involved with such an iconic stadium filled with an unrivaled history felt totally natural and mirrors our own companies long term history of success. It shows our commitment to Cape Town, which has been our African home since 1997, and we are proud that Cape Townians will have a safe and pleasurable experience while attending DHL Newlands in these two stands for the long term future.” Betafence is worldwide supplier of many stadiums, linked with famous sports events : rugby, football, cycling, horsing, cars racing, etc…. Check our full references and discover all our possibilities to secure your players, fans, supporters and stadium infrastructures.

* Please note that due to a client request DHL has to be used whenever the stadium or rugby teams are mentioned to meet their commercial obligations

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