Betaview 25 medium security wire mesh

Betaview® 25 offers reliable and aesthetic medium-security through Betafence’s trusted quality welded wire mesh with larger apertures of 25 mm.


- A strong layer of protection
- Cost-effective system alternative to palisade
- Dissuade breaches the aesthetic way

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Betafence guarantee 10x years pvc zincalu-super
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Technical Information


Larger aperture
Betaview 25 features a larger aperture (76.2 x 25.4 mm) when compared to the standard Betaview design (76.2 x 12.7 mm).
4 mm Vertical wire
The thicker vertical wire gives the panel more rigidity and extra resistance to break-in attempts. Horizontal wire is 3 mm.
Cost-effective system 
The 3m wide panels mean fewer panels and posts are required over long distances when compared to traditional 2.5 m wide panels and conform to insulator spacing requirements for electric fence installations.
Full system 10-year guarantee (standard terms & conditions apply)
Superior coatings underpin our 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee when the full system (panels, Bekafix Secure posts, and fixators) is used

Ideal for educational facilities, retail infrastructure, housing or security estates, residential applications, and commercial properties.


Made from Zincalu Super core wires of 3 mm diameter horizontally and 4 mm vertically. Apertures are 76.2 x 25 mm. Even though apertures are larger when compared to standard welded mesh panels, the ticker vertical wire and reinforced V shape across the panel delivers rigidity and protection. Panels feature a flat edge that fits securely behind the post, giving even more protection from break-in attempts.

Recommended post

Betafence's panels and posts are designed to work together in delivering protection. The panel is safely tucked behind the panel, making it difficult to pry loose from the post, a common way for perpetrators to breach a fence. Only when Betafence panels are combined with original Betafence posts and their stainless steel fixing mechanisms can you be assured that the Betafence 10-year guarantee will stand the test of time.

Bekafix Secure

Bekafix Secure

Our carefully designed compatible posts and superior fixing mechanisms maintain the complete installation’s integrity and protection levels.

Coating technique and colours

Our unique Zincalu® Super and superior PVC coatings guarantee an extra-long lifespan and low maintenance.  Proven to last longer than hot-dip galvanising, our coatings deliver long-lasting protection even in very corrosive environments.

Fence height Panel Widths Bends per Panel Bekafix Post Length Fixators/post Bolts & Washers/post



  (mm)   (M8x50mm)



 3 2400 10




3 2700 12 6



4 3000 16 8
Betaview 25 Technical specifications

The Betaview 25 System is the combination of Securfor 3D 25 panels with Betafence's original Bekafix posts and their stainless steel fixators, bolts, shear-off nuts, and washers.
Only when all these elements are combined can our customers be assured that they have the full system and our 10-year guarantee will stand the test of time.


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