Small aperture security fence with two coating options

The Betaview® range is the leading aesthetic security system in South Africa.  Betaview OPTIMA is an affordable solution with optimized coatings for low-to-medium corrosive and inland environments. Betaview (standard) offers superior corrosive protection in high-to-extreme corrosive environments.


- Small apertures make the fence hard to cut & climb.
- Fence delivers a clear view of your surroundings
- Excellent visibility and from a distance appear almost invisible.
- Two coating versions to suit different corrosive environments. 
- Manufactured in South Africa.
Note: Top rails shown in all pictures are optional extras and not standard features. Coating options are specifically developed for different corrosive environments.

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Betafence guarantee 10x years pvc zincalu-super
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Technical Information

Optimized coatings for your specific environment

The Betaview range is now available in two coating options without sacrificing security or quality.
Betaview OPTIMA is an affordable option for inland areas with low-to-medium corrosiveness while Betaview (standard) will stand the test of time in high-to-extreme corrosive environments.

Ask us about the ideal coating options to suit your budget and corrosive environment*.

* as determined by ISO 9223 standard

Complete and rigid panel & post system

Betaview® is a complete security system designed to deliver protection against cutting and climbing. Panel widths comply with the 3m wide insulator spacing requirement for compliance with electric fence installations. Reinforcing folds across the panel increase its rigidity and reduces the need for a framed steel structure.

Ideal for residential & lifestyle estates, commercial use, educational & healthcare facilities, and industrial areas where clear views are needed to assess security situations and surrounding environments.

System description

Betaview is a fencing system consisting of original Betafence wire mesh panels, associated posts, FlatMax spider bracket fixators, and original stainless-steel bolts, shear-off nuts, and washers. Combined, these components deliver the aesthetic high-security protection the Betaview system is known for. A range of wire diameter combinations exists to deliver different levels of security.

- Panel width: 3050 mm
- Aperture: 76.2 x 12.8 mm
- Coated wire diameter: 3.4 mm
- Galvanised core wire with PVC top coat
- 10-Year Standard Guarantee**

- Panel width: 3050 mm
- Aperture: 76.2 x 12.8 mm
- Core wire diameter: 3 mm & 4 mm versions available
- Coated wire diameter: 3.4 mm and 4.4 mm
- ZincAlu coated core wire
- 10-Year Extreme Guarantee**
- 3 mm horizontal & 4 mm vertical core wire version is available - ask us about Betaview 3/4 Combo

**T&Cs apply

Bekafix Secure

Bekafix Secure

POST AND FIXING MECHANISMS: Carefully designed compatible posts and superior fixing mechanisms maintain the complete installation’s integrity and protection levels. The panel is safely tucked away behind the H profile of the post and fixed with a spider clamp bracket. Stainless steel tamper-proof bolts are bolted through the post and secured with shear-off nuts to provide maximum resistance against tampering. Ask us about which post is the most suitable for your requirements. Extended posts and brackets are available to accommodate additional security features such as electric fencing (supplied by third parties), flat wrap razor, or BTC coil toppings.

Coating technique and colours

Betaview OPTIMA Panels are welded from high-quality galvanised wires that receive an adhesion primer before our durable PVC coating is applied, designed to guarantee a long lifespan and low maintenance in low-to-medium* corrosive environments.
- Anthracite RAL 7021

Betaview panels are welded from Zincalu® Super core wires. Optional coating of superior PVC ads extra longevity and resistance to corrosion for high-to-extreme environments.
- Anthracite RAL 7021
- Zincalu Super

Nominal Fence Height (mm)


Width x Height (mm)

Number of reinforcements
per panel

Post length (mm)

Number of fixators / post

Bolts, washers & shear-off nuts / post
OPTIMA system's coated wire diameter = 3.4 mm
Standard system's uncoated wire diameter = 3 mm
1800 3050 x 1785 3 2400 12 6
2100 3050 x 1988 4 2700 14 7
2400 3050 x 2392 4 3000 16 8
Betaview 3/4 combo technical specification


Ask us about different wire thickness combinations and the most suitable post for your installation.

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