A meeting place for nature, sports, wellness and entertainment: from the exit of San Stino di Livenza, it is Livenza Park. With internal and external swimming center with solarium, beach volleyball courts and soccer courts, a gym, mini golf, playground, conference rooms and areas equipped airfield, the Livenza Park needed a new fence at the pool boundary: the client had expressed the need to provide the area with a system capable of combining a good level of security with fine aesthetics.

Business card of a structure that seeks an image of class, the entrance plays an extremely important representative function. Betafence offers a wide range of fences indicated for applications in which the aesthetic component has a lot of relevance. Among the solutions proposed by Betafence, it was chosen the fence system Decofor® Arco, a system that combines stylish design and robustness and that is a real piece of outdoor furniture. Nice and decorative, it ensures a good level of protection and high durability. Decofor® Arco is characterized by the unique arc curve top and ornamental shape. Capable of better responding to the functional requirements of demarcation and protection for people and things, at the same value of the building and has a non-invasive impact, integrating with other materials in the architectural context and in keeping with the natural environment. For Livenza Park were installed Decofor® panels Arco and of the same type gates. Thanks to the material it is made, galvanized steel, and thanks to special protective treatment to which it is subjected, Decofor® Arco , as all Betafence fences, it is characterized by high corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for use in any geographical area and in different environments, even the most aggressive.

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