Betafence solutions in the exercise complex KAA Gent in Oostakker

A state-of-the-art stadium that immediately set the standard for the entire country. A national title that enraptured the entire city. A European campaign which also showed to the rest of Europe that they can play a nice game playing football in Ghent. KAA Gent has been doing well in recent years. And now is there also the brand new training complex in Oostakker, outlined by former trainer Hein Vanhaezebrouck and answering all the requirements of it modern football.

For the fences, a top team was called upon of Betafence products, with the Screeno® Wave as an unbeatable 'stopper'. So can train the players in peace and discretion, in a beautifully designed environment. Closed training In today's football nothing is left to chance. Custom diets, thorough analyzes of the opponent and therefore also and above all quietly can train in a hypermodern complex. And we do not mean quietly at ease, but away from the hustle and indiscrete looks. Hein Vanhaezebrouck explains: "The complex had to be able to be closed off from the environment, below other for our closed training, where it is important that the complex can be effectively shut down and the view of the site taken away. Of course, we had to take into account the houses around the practice complex, we can hardly build walls of 10 meters high and lock people up. That is not possible. But it was intended that people from ground level no access to what happens in the training complex.

That was one of the most important conditions. Screeno® Wave With the Screeno Wave strips for Nylofor® 2D Super panels, Betafence was able to offer the ideal solution. A solution that combines functionality with aesthetics. Vanhaezebrouck: "The Screeno Wave concept was completely new to me. Around football fields are mostly used screens, so we did it in KV Kortrijk some years back. But with screens the posts must certainly be strong enough because those screens catch a lot of wind. Occasionally there was also a pole. In any case, Screeno Wave looks firmer and stronger than canvases and it is also much nicer, which is also important to me. I find this much more pleasant to look at. " "If you now look at the fence and afterwards at the trees, you will see a gradual transition, not too hard."

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