The guys at Giulianova can count on a new soccer field, functional and approved: the new Field Castrum-Tiberius Orsini.

Opened on October 15 last year, the plant is located in the Annunziata district of Giulianova (Teramo province). The project, started in November 2015 and has seen the investment of nearly 1 million euro, has created a completely redefined plant in its appearance, and will allow the teams of the various youth sectors that operate in Giulianova to train and to dispute the athletic competitions. For Castrum Court - Tiberius Orsini has provided for the creation of internal and external fences and a new grandstand with about 500 seats (which may go in the future - with a widening at the sides - up to 2000). Also completely it renovated the changing rooms, modern and functional and adapted to the provisions of CONI. The property was also equipped with a new lighting system on light towers to allow night and usability of a fund in artificial grass last generation with its drainage system that complies with the regulations of the National Amateur League. This particular fixed fence system was developed and designed for just the average turnout plants and consists of a robust network in rolls with paired gates (pedestrian and vehicle) and poles of different heights. The elastic fence Betafence meets all current standards (UNI 10121 and the Ministerial Decree of 18 March 1996, Law "Pisanu" June 6, 2005, EN 13200-3), giving back to the youth of the community an approved field. The sports facilities competitions, to ensure the performance of their official activities must indeed be approved in accordance with the regulations of CONI and the federations.

The rules also specify the characteristics that must have taken fences, depending on the type of the field and of activities that you must perform. In this case the field is suitable for them to play all categories up to the series D.

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