Åby travbana in Gothenburg is the second largest trotting racetrack in Sweden.

The architect, the track manager and the Betafence team worked closely together to find the optimal fencing to prevent the audience from accessing the racetrack. The architect approached Betafence with the request for an attractive and innovative fence to be installed on the existing concrete base around the entire track, barely three months before the reopening of the racetrack. The Betafence project team immediately started work on the design. Fencing with Nylofor 2D Super panels was chosen, mounted on special posts with a U-profile at the bottom (for attachment to the base) and a diagonal elevation, finished with a railing in larch wood.

The installation was completed one day before the track opening. Fans can now experience the races close-by, while their safety is guaranteed at all times through the solid fence with a clear aesthetic added value for the racetrack.

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