Easy installation with no fixing accessories required.

Betafence's newest post innovation makes installation easy and quick. Izifix®  does not require any fixing mechanisms, bolts, or nuts and is a versatile fix-and-go system.

- Easy and cost-effective installation
- No fixing accessories required
- Compatible with a wide range of Betafence Nylofor panels
- Easily step, slope, and create corners with the same post


EN - Flyer Izifix post

Betafence guarantee 5 years Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information


Izifix is an all-round solution for easy and cost-effective installations of Betafence profile panels without compromising on security and aesthetics. One post that can do everything.

  • No installation accessories needed to fix panels
  • Elegant shape and modern look
  • Extended flanges secure the panel against the post and increase stability and rigidity
  • The same posts are used for all site situations: sloping, stepping, on base-plates, and creating corners 
  • No need to cut horizontal wires in the bend profile

Izifix Profile

  • H-shaped profile post
  • Profile 50 x 75 x 1 mm
  • Side sleeve where the panel is easily slid in
  • Slots every 100 mm
  • I/V: 5,53 m³
  • Yield strength: 250 MPA
  • A matching plastic cap covers the post top to protect it against rain & snow


Perfect spacing and tensioning


To ensure a perfect installation, easily, we can provide tensioning tools. Easy to use and handle, this tool makes perfect spacing, positioning, and tensioning possible.

It is designed to be used on every panel as it is installed, achieving a perfect installation from start to finish.

Easy Installation & cornering

  • Corners from 90° to 180° are achieved using the same Izifix post, no special corner posts needed
  • Baseplates are available for panels up to 2m high
  • Thanks to the standard shape of the post, it allows for installation on a concrete base without any additional plate holders
  • ​Izifix posts are easily be combined with PVC/concrete plates without additional accessories. We recommend the following Base plate compatibility


Coating technique and colors


Izifix is fully galvanized inside and out for complete corrosion protection. It is finished with a polyester coating of at least 60 microns.

Standard Colours

Green RAL 6005 - Black RAL 9005 - White RAL 9010 - Anthracite RAL 7016
Other colours available on request, minimum order quantities apply.

Post length Fence height on base plate Fence height in concrete
1075 mm 1030 mm 630 mm
1275 mm 1230 mm 830 mm
1475 mm - 1030 mm
1575 mm 1530 mm -
1775 mm 1730 mm 1230 mm
1975 mm 1930 mm 1530 mm
2075 mm 2030 mm -
2175 mm - 1730 mm
2475 mm 2430* 1930 mm
2575 mm - 2030 mm

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