Reinforced wire mesh fencing

Securifor® 3D R is a reinforced wire mesh panel designed to deliver longer resistance against breach attempts through added wire mesh strips welded on across the panel.


- Extra protection and reinforcement
- Breakthrough, vandal and scaling resistant
- Cost-effective system

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Betafence guarantee 10 years pvc zincalu-super
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Technical Information


Reinforced rigidity and protection
Securifor 3D R features an additional wire mesh strip welded, at intervals, to the front panel to significantly increase the system’s rigidity and protection levels.
Breakthrough and scaling resistant
The small apertures make the panel both difficult to climb and time-consuming to cut.  The added double strips deliver additional resistance to breakthrough attempts.
Cost-effective system
The 3 m wide panels mean fewer panels and posts are required over long distances when compared to traditional 2.5 m wide panels and conform to insulator spacing requirements for electric fence installations. Its higher rigidity removes the necessity of top rails.
Visibility and aesthetics
Despite the small mesh apertures, the system appears almost invisible and delivers a clear view when combined with surveillance systems.
Full system 10-year guarantee (standard terms & conditions apply)
Superior coatings underpin our 10-year anti-corrosion guarantee when the full system (panels, Bekafix Secure posts, and fixators) is used

Ideal for educational facilities, critical infrastructure, energy & resources, data centers, and oil & gas.


The panels are reinforced welded wire mesh of 3 m width and 2.4 m height.  Made from 3 mm diameter ZincAlu® Super wire with apertures of 76.2 mm x 12.7 mm (12 mm x 12 mm in the double-layered strip) which makes it time-consuming to break through and difficult to climb.

Additional reinforcing wire mesh strips (76.2 mm wide) are welded onto a Securifor panel at intervals of 304 mm or 228 mm, depending on the number of strips per panel.


- V8 has 8 strips welded onto the panel at intervals of 304 mm
- V10 has 10 strips welded onto the panel at intervals of 228 mm.
Increasing the number of reinforced wire mesh strips per panel proportionately increases the system’s breakthrough resistance and strength.

Recommended post

Our carefully designed compatible posts and superior fixing mechanisms maintain the complete installation’s integrity and protection levels. The panel is safely tucked away behind the H profile of the Bekafix Secure post and fixed with a Bekafix spider bracket. This protects against attempts to pry the panel loose from the post.

Coating technique and colors

Our unique Zincalu® Super and superior PVC coatings guarantee an extra-long lifespan and low maintenance, delivering superior protection in even the harshest environments.

Panel Panel size 
W x H 
Wire diameter
Post length Panel bends Double strips / panel
V8 3050 x 2400 3 3000 4 8
V10 3050 x 2400 3 3000 4 10


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