The anti-grind delay Fence

Securifor® Defender is an HCIS compliant anti-personnel solid fence, certified to exceed category 1 & 2 forced entry resistance requirements


- Exceeds HCIS forced entry resistance requirements
- Good visibility when combined with surveillance technology
- Compatible with detection technology

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Technical Information


Securifor Defender is an anti-grind innovative high security fencing system. Tested to ASTM standards, Securifor Defender is the ideal fencing solution for applications such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Industrial Facilities
  • VIP Protection

Securifor Defender System

The Securifor® Defender system consists of sturdy, fine-mesh galvanised and polyester coated panels and posts suitable for supporting the entire system. The double-sided Securifor® Defender fence wall is mounted on rectangular posts that are preferably installaed in concrete.

The system consists of :

  • Flat Securifor Defender front panels: wire diameter 4.00 mm and meshes of 76.2 x 12.7 mm. Panel dimensions : 2510x3302 mm.
  • Flat Securifor Defender back panels: wire diameter 4.00 mm and meshes of 76.2 x 12.7 mm. Panel dimensions : 2510x2007 mm.
  • Vertical flat Securifor Defender panels : wire diameter 4.00 mm and meshes of 76.2 x 12.7 mm. Panel dimensions : 1981x 114 mm.
  • Posts: Rectangular posts 120x80x3 + cover plates + security fixing system (One-way bolts)
  • Spirals: wire diameter 3.96 mm, with a tensile strength of min 540 N/mm². The length of each spiral is 2100 mm.

The Securifor Defender panels are heavily welded wire mesh panels that offer a high level of security. The panels are particularly sturdy and strong, making them, and especially as a Securifor Defender system, highly resistant to burglary.
Between the Securifor Defender panels attached to either side of the post, vertical panels are connected by spirals.

This combination is ideal for increasing resistance to any attempts. I.e. A high security fence that keeps intruders from entering the perimeter for as long as possible.


Coating technique and colours

Panels are made out of galvanised wires. An adhesion coating is given for perfect bonding with the polyester coating (min. 100 microns).
- Front panels are coated in Zincalu Super (95% zinc, 5% aluminium) and polyester coated for long life protection.
- Rear and inner panels are galvanized (25g/m²) and polyester coated

The post is galvanized (min. 275 g/m2) & polyester coated (min. 60 microns)

Spirals are Zincalu® Super coated with a minimum thickness of 275 g/m²

Standard colour: Green RAL 6005. All other RAL colours are available on request.


Threat Level HCIS requirement Discretionary Test ASTM rating Used tools
Low N/A Exceeded 16.7 mn Hammer/saw/crowbar
Medium 10 minutes Exceeded 13 mn Bolt Cutter / Angle grinder
Aggressive 5 minutes Exceeded 6.8 min Gasoline powered angle  grinder

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