The installation of a Securifor® 4D fence in Westkerke creates a reliable secure perimeter.

The horizontal, alternating wires of the system guarantee an extra-strong fence for environments where high safety is an absolute requirement. Not only is the panel fence hard to climb, but the strong wires are also difficult to cut through. For the project in Westkerke, panels with a width of 280 cm were chosen: fewer parts, which resulted in a faster installation. A cost-saving choice! 

The assets at a glance:

  • For those who have the 'extra strong' and 'robust' properties at the top of their list of requirements, choose the heavily welded mesh panels Securifor® 4D. Such a panel with 1/1 alternating wires is no less than ten times stronger than the flat Securifor® variant and therefore the ideal solution to offer the highest level of security.
  • Intruders who want to enter the site via the fence unauthorized, encounter a very difficult barrier on a Securifor® 4D fence. The combination of small meshes and alternating wires, on the one hand, makes for a very difficult obstacle to climb and on the other hand for panels that are difficult to cut with standard tools. Vandals who try it, are faced with a time-consuming, demanding task. Thanks to the adequate delay time of the fence, the intervention services also have more time to come on-site and intervene effectively.
  • Securifor® 4D also has essential advantages in the optical field. For example, there is the perfect transparency, which is extremely important in the function of well-functioning camera surveillance.

Because of the beautiful design, the fence is discreetly present in the area and the visual impact is limited. To complement the look and feel of the entire project, Securifor® 4D is finally offered in various color options.

The constituent parts:

  • The Securifor® 4D panels have a standard mesh size of 12.7 x 76.2 mm. With a standard wire diameter of 4 mm, a 1/1 mesh pattern is used whereby each horizontal wire is alternately fed from front to rear. If you opt for a fence from Securifor® 4D, you can opt for the combination with one of three possible pole types:
  • Rectangular tubular piles are available in two sizes, depending on the pile length, in particular, 80 x 60 x 2.5 mm or 120 x 60 x 3.0 mm. M8 inserts are provided on each row. For attaching the panels, specific clamps or cover laths and safety bolts are used for the entire length.
  • Another option is the use of Bekafix Super posts for the lateral attachment of the panels. This is done with special metal safety clips (elements: spinneret, lock bolt, and break-out nut). These tubular piles are welded and H-shaped (100 x 54 mm) and have recesses for fixing and placing the panels. A plastic cap ensures efficient coverage at the top.

Safe, rigid and installation-friendly: the properties of the Bekasecure piles (140 x 135 x 4.0 mm). These posts in steel have high tensile strength and a double row of slotted holes (10 x 20 mm). Thanks to the open profile, electric cables can be integrated on fiber optic cables. Here is the covering cap of metal. Here the panels are secured with an uninterrupted cover bar and special safety bolts in stainless steel. Material properties: The panels are made of galvanized wires that have been treated with a special adhesion layer for optimum adhesion with the top layer in polyester (at least 100 microns). The posts were galvanized both internally and externally with a minimum layer thickness of 275 g / m² and this completely conformed to Euronorm 10346. Here too an adhesion layer is applied before plastification with polyester (at least 60 microns). By default, Securifor® 4D is offered in green (RAL 6005), but other colors are available on request depending on the specific project.

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