For climbing plants

Our Zenturo® Classic or Zenturo® Super trellis will help your plants to grow without damaging your wall.

- High-quality product
- Innovative design
- Easy to install


Betafence guarantee 10 years pes
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Technical Information


This system is made of two elements: the panel Zenturo Classic or Zenturo super and his specific fixator Panofix. This plant trellis can also be accessories with Pixels giving a nice design waiting for your plants to cover it when they are climbing on.


The Zenturo panel is a flat panel.
Zenturo Classic: with a combination of 3 different mesh sizes: 100x100, 100x50 and 50x50 mm 
Zenturo Super: with a combination of 2 different mesh sizes: 100x50 and 50 mm
The double, alternating horizontal wires offer good rigidity.
The plant trellis has a width of 2005 mm and is available in a range of heights from 655 till 2005 mm.
Wire diameter of the horizontal wires: 5.00 mm, wire diameter of the vertical wires: 4.15 mm


This is a specific fixator which eases the installation of your plant trellis but also keeps your panel away from the wall. Your climbing plant can then easily turn around the Zenturo panel wire for better fixation.

Panofix number depends on your wall and the panel dimension.

Coating technique and colours


The plant trellis is made of galvanized wire, and an adhesion layer is provided for perfect adhesion with the polyester top coating (minimum 100 microns).


Anthracite BF 7016M

Zenturo and Zenturo Super
panels dimensions

2005 x 655 mm
2005 x 955 mm
2005 x 1255 mm
2005 x 1555 mm
2005 x 1705 mm
2005 x 2005 mm


The Zenturo panel can be filled with 3 different, unique & decorative 'infills':

- Pixels
For the Zenturo concept, unique 'pixels' have been developed.
These square and rectangular plastic elements perfectly fit into the panel's different mesh sizes: 100x100, 100x50 and 50x50 mm.
The pixels can be easily clicked on the panel and can be used to form numbers, words or patterns on the fence... Available metallic anthracite.

- Flexo Strip
The Zenturo panels can as well be filled with the Flexo Strip.
The flexible plastic strip is available in 2 widths (for mesh width 50 and 100 mm) and can be woven through the panel's meshes, both in vertical and horizontal direction.
Available on rolls of 50m (to be but to length), in anthracite

- Perfo Strip
The Zenturo Perfo strip is a perforated stainless steel strip, available in lengths of 170 and 200 cm and 2 widths (for mesh width 50 and 100 mm). The strip can be put vertically in the panel.


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