What a great idea, this Zenturo Classic welded mesh panel to decorate a garden wall!

M. T., a French customer of Directclotures.com, choose decorative panels with alternate wires to customize his heavy wall. With this choice, he created a solution to enhance his garden and created climbing support for future growing plants which will fill the space in his garden, and in time will climb the wall. Why did he choose Zenturo Classic treillis?

  • Rigid panels will last for a long time compared to wooden panels, which will degrade over time under the plants with heavyweight,
  • Specific fastening systems - Panofix ease the installation of panels ensuring there is sufficient space between panel and wall, thus plants can climb around it easily,
  • Decorative Pixels: small plastic plates which clip in the panel mesh enable you to create your own personalized decoration. These pixels are available in three dimensions: 50x50 – 100 x 50 and 100 x 100 mm to fit the different Zenturo panel mesh sizes. M. T., placed his panels in an unstructured way, to give space feeling. These Zenturo Classic panels have a dual function: a fencing system and also climbing support for plants.

You can then harmonize your fence to your garden and wall decoration, for a harmonious look. Zenturo Classic is available in anthracite colour RAL 7016, and pixels are also from stock, sold in the same anthracite colour, in a blister pack. Every product can be bought individually (check at your closest retailer to order them). Can you see that the sky is blue in these pictures? This is real! No picture enhancement has been used. Chateaurenard is a town located in France in Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region, with about 16 000 inhabitants. With the Mediterranean weather, the sun presents almost every day during whole the year. We can easily understand why our customer spends a lot of time in his garden! What is missing in this picture - perhaps there’s a swimming pool in this nice garden too….!

Advise: if you wish to fence around your swimming pool to comply with the French norm NFP 90-306, we highly recommend you use Bekazur 2D fencing system, approved by French Laboratory LNE. Zenturo Classic panels can also create a nice ambience around a swimming pool, but because they do not conform to norm specifications, you must add an approved system like an alarm around your pool. With Betafence, you chose safety and quality

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