Wire netting: multipurpose fencing mesh

Our wire nettings are all-in-one products! Indeed, you can use them for applications in the garden, in the house and for animals. Moreover, these fencing rolls can be used for semi-professional applications. Galvanised or plastic coated or both, they are multifunctional high quality products.

Filter products available depending on your region (you can select several)

Multifunctional, high value welded wire mesh, galvanised or galvanised & plastic coated afterwards for applications in the garden, the house and for animals. Casanet ® is used for (semi-) professional applications.

Assets :
- Multipurpose
- High-quality coating


Hexanet® is flexible in use, nevertheless rigid metric six twisted wire netting. Galvanised coating only. Can also be used for (semi-) professional applications. 

- Flexibility
- Resistant and easy handling
- Large assortment