In Arechi Stadium of Salerno, Publifor was used to better control the access areas to the stadium, resulting in greater public safety.

Given the peripheral location of the stadium and the surrounding areas, the sports facility of Salerno is one of the best examples of implementation of the Pisanu Law and one of the most representative achievements of Betafence as for practicality, safety and aesthetics of the patented solution Publifor.

Publifor fits the bill perfectly. It allows visibility, ensuring the view of this stadium is not obscured for better security. Betafence was chosen in 2007 and 2015 for a total distance of 750 meters.

Do you know that the first official match, Salemitana against Padova was played in 1990, renovated in 1998 and that the Italian national team has played there three-time when we wrote this reference? Total stadium capacity is 31 300, so quite important to chose Betafence stadium protection.

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