Modern, environmentally friendly, with high level of comfort, the new anti-seismic complex replaces the old nursery and primary schools uninhabitable because of the earthquake.

Extended over 1,500 square meters, the complex consists of two buildings with metal structure of rectangular shape. The modern architectural features perfectly blends design and functionality. The outside includes large green areas interrupted only by a private car park personnel and crossed by a paved driveway. There was a need to demarcate the external area by a rigid and robust perimeter fence to prevent uncontrolled flow or unauthorized access. For this, anthracite Nylofor panels of 2m high have been chosen as well as accorded gates.. Given the aesthetic value of the property, a stylish solution to adorn the area had to be found. The outdoor area used as a children's play area has been made safe and valuable with lower Nylofor 3D panels installed with designed fence posts including lighting accessories (B-Lux)..

B-Lux Post: Post design by RIGO • Engineering by Alfredina GLORIA

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