Recreation park “De Ster” is a beautiful domain where young and old can relax and (water) sports all year round. Certainly, in the summer months, the park attracts countless visitors, who sometimes travel quite a few kilometers for their sports and games. From April to the end of September, the park is therefore paying and that means that the domain must be closed.

The Province of East Flanders - which owns the park - wrote a government contract for the fence. With the Securifor® panels Betafence fully met the requirements and needs from the specifications. Securifor With its extensive range of (water) sports and leisure facilities - petting zoo, miniature golf, swimming pond, water slides ... - De Ster is a hotspot in East Flanders every summer. In the season you have to pay to access to the park. This means that it must not only be possible to check how many visitors are present on the domain, but also who visits De Ster. A vandal-proof fence was, therefore, a must.

The Securifor panels with their small meshes and a heavy wire diameter of 4 mm form a physical barrier that is difficult to climb or penetrate. In the case of De Ster, panels of 3 m height were chosen: enough to discourage potential intruders. Moreover, cutting the wires with conventional tools is almost impossible. Durable & discreet An additional advantage of the Securifor panels is the long service life thanks to Betafence's high-quality coating. Not unimportant for a vast domain like De Ster. Thanks to the fine mesh, the fence also discrete in the environment and that is nicely included in a natural and green environment as the recreational domain. Vandal-resistant The finger-proof aperture combined with 4mm wire diameter provides a substantial barrier that is difficult to climb and breakthrough, almost impossible to cut wires with the use of conventional bolt or wire cutters. Secure and discreet The ultimate system for providing a high degree of security where a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment is essential. Efficient deterrence An effective deterrent to intruders available in various heights up to 6m - specially designed for high-security applications. Compatible with electronic alarm and detection systems. Durable Low maintenance and long life resulting from a high-quality coating. Complete system Supplied as a complete system with panels, three possible post systems, and gates. Installation on a slope is also available.

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