Mobile fence: protect your events or construction sites

With famous references such as racing automotive circuits, cycling events, world cup football organisation, concerts but also the safety of monuments during their renovation, we are able to provide you with temporary solutions from low to high security. Consult our assortment.

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Publifor® panels comprise of a frame anchored on a steel base encased in concrete. The robust frame is filled on both sides with a safety panel, making Publifor® the perfect solution for temporary situations that require additional security.

- Fast installation
- Easy to move
- Different levels of security
- Modular


A temporary fencing system providing anti-ram protection. Quick deployment and re-deployment make Publifor HVM ideal for public events and quick cordoning off of security sensitive areas.

- Surface mounted hostile vehicle mitigation
- IWA 14-1 impact tested & crash rated (concrete filled)
- Up to 25 meters installed in 1 hour
- Easy cornering & stepping