Weldmesh cages for environment

Gabions are wire mesh baskets formed by connecting individual panels of mesh with helical spirals on the vertical edge wires creating an open series of box compartments that fold in a concertina fashion to be flat packed.

Assets :
- Long life material
- Easy to install
- Multipurpose weldmesh cages

Available in :
Betafence Europe
United Kingdom
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South & Central Africa
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Technical Information

Gabion: tailor made engineered solution

Gabions are engineered retaining structures designed as mass gravity walls to hold back earth or other solid materials with out overturning, sliding or foundation failure. All designed, gabion walls should be checked by a suitably qualified structural engineer on site prior to construction. The modular structure of these walls allows for variation in section to be accommodated as the height increases. The inherent strength of the units ensures structural and dimensional stability whilst a degree of flexibility accommodates ground movement and settlement where necessary.

Gabions certification

Betafence's gabions are renowned for their high quality, both in the form of panels but also our pre-assembled structures. 
Our gabion panels and all their accessories received the CE certification. The last certificate issued in June 2018 by ZUS can be download here. All our Declaration of Performance, including gabion range can be download on our specific DOP page

Length  in mm Width mm Height in meter
1000 1000 0.5 or 1
1500 1000 0.5 or 1
2000 1000 0.5 or 1
3000 1000 0.5 or 1
4000 1000 0.5 or 1
5000 1000 0.5 or 1


This table refers to the industry standard unit sizes; non-standard unit sizes are available in dimensions of multiples of the mesh opening.