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We propose you to consult or download our catalogs from residential to the professional universe; a wide range of fence systems, gates, designed, developed and manufactured by Betafence for more than 135 years. In these brochures, you can find the most extensive assortment available in the market for all needs.

Securing your property is our core business.  

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Master catalogue

This complete catalog will show you the full Betafence assortment. From light to heavy fencing systems, from simple swing gates to technical motorized gates, you will find the product specifications you are looking for. Additional to these, information is given to our readers about Betafence Coating, sustainable development, and guarantee policy. Each product developed and manufactured by Betafence has its specific functionalities. Depending on your region in the world not all of our products are available. Don't forget to activate the correct filter on top of this page.

Additional features of this digital brochure: when you are on a product page, and you want to visit the related product page on our website, just click on the product name title. You'll be automatically redirected. Our installation videos are also accessible directly from the product page.

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Residential fencing systems

This brochure explains our Residential fencing panels, rolls, gates, and privacy slats assortment. Betafence offers you the widest residential choice, manufactured in Belgium for high-quality results. These fencing consists of strong, durable materials and can withstand corrosion, weather and time. Flip our brochure, discover how your garden can be secured, your field delimitates and your entrance secured. This documentation will provide you technicals details, pictures but also an inspiration. Don't forget in association our Residential fencing configurator: drop your picture, select your product, and see immediately the result.

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Zenturo inspiration guide

Zenturo is a unique panel system: versatile and easy to personalize! We propose you here an original fencing concept, patented by Betafence. A simple fencing welded panel that can be restyled or have different use depending on your wish. It can supports plants climbing on your walls, it can protect your house and garden as a fence decored with Pixels or Strips, it can be a wall filled in with stones, glass, wood... All you wish you can get it (almost!) with the Zenturo system by Betafence. Let's be the artist of your garden, and flip this Zenturo Brochure for your new fencing project.

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HoriZen privacy screens systems

HoriZen is a specific privacy fencing system. Several materials are proposed to compose your fence: composite, aluminum, glass, steel.... as well as decoratives components such as perforated plates or led lights. This inspiration guide will help you to enjoy your garden or patio. With the HoriZen system from Betafence, accommodate all your requirements easily; decoration, creative applications, quality, and a wide assortment.

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The Betafence Way

For more than 135 years Betafence contributes to a safer society. Michele Volpi, Betafence CEO [2009-2018] expressed it "The Betafence Way outlines our core values and guides the ways in which we wish to realize our business strategy and growth ambitions". Because it's fundamental to contributes to tour customer quality of life and quality of business we created that specific documentation to explain The Betafence strategy and commitment and to ensure to all our partners our vision.

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Sustainable development

Betafence tagline says it all: Securing What Matters. An important aspect of these words is being environmentally responsible in the products we manufacture, and the processes we use in production. To archive this target, we aim to use the best technologies available to guarantee a sustainable development. From emission control to lowering our energy, water and gas consumption and managing our waste, we monitor all production processes with care, transparency and reliability. We also integrate environmental criteria in the design of a product. In this brochure, consult all the initiatives Betafence implements as well as our environmental certifications.

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