Betafence Committed to Growth


At Betafence we are always striving to be the worldwide leader in perimeter protection and fencing systems. We are proud of our 135 year history but realise we must continuously improve in order to remain the supplier of choice for our customers. To achieve and maintain our ambition to be our customers' trusted partner, delivering optimal solutions and world-class services, we have undertaken a strategic review of the business.

The key conclusion of this process was that in order to remain innovative and competitive we should focus our production around centres of excellence. These centres of excellence will be supported by a significant investment programme in technology, manufacturing and digital infrastructure, as well as on our innovation capabilities enabling us to focus on delivering the highest quality products and solutions. Alongside improving our design and manufacturing capabilities, our new centres of excellence will also allow us to improve our flexibility in fulfilling orders resulting in a more sustainable, dynamic and efficient process for all our customers.

As a company, we are entering an exciting period of future growth and the announcement of our new production footprint is just the first step in our vision of delivering a truly integrated and efficient process in design, production and delivery.

Unfortunately, these strategic improvements have meant that our Sheffield production site is closing. However, although production has ended in Sheffield, our strong and historical commitment to our UK and Irish markets remains. These markets have long been a significant and key part of our strategy and Betafence is committed to ensuring that this continues and grows in the future.

To do this we are retaining an experienced sales and service team, with our UK and Irish based sales teams and partnerships dedicated and committed to making us our UK and Irish customers’ trusted supplier, to ensure we deliver the optimal solutions and world-class services we can offer. 

A bright future

With these changes already taking place, and with further announcements to come, Betafence is ready for the future. We are committed to delivering superior products and services to our customers and partners and sincerely look forward to the next chapter in the Betafence story. We strongly believe our customers will truly benefit from, and enjoy, joining us in this journey.

We are excited about this new chapter and it would be great to hear from you to discuss our plans in further detail plus answer any questions you may have, please email us with our contact form.

Betafence perimeter protection and BEKassure accreditation