The effective temporary protection


Betafence's mobile fences offer effective temporary protection and control of people, vehicles and goods.

With our wide range of options, there is a fitting solution for a wide variety of uses - from sporting events or music festivals to construction sites.

  • Tempofor® F range: Solid mobile panels particularly suitable for fencing off construction & industrial sites and events.
  • Tempofor® B range: Galvanised steel frame fitted with a profiled and coated steel plate infill. Ideal for those areas that need to be screened from public view.
  • Tempofor® C range: Barriers specifically designed for crowd control at large events or guiding pedestrian traffic at roadworks.
  • Tempofor® New Jersey: Heavy barrier for temporary traffic or permanent and high-security environments.




1. Our high quality, robust fences stand up to re-use, storage and transport challenges.

2. Betafence's panels are made in our dedicated factory in Germany by our experienced team of mobile fence expert engineers.

3. We keep stock available in our German factory to meet short-term customer demand quickly.

4. Our mobile fences are all pre-galvanised or use hot dip galvanised materials for long-lasting corrosion protection in all weather conditions.

5. Our panels are some of the strongest in the market thanks to each wire being welded separately to the frames.


6. The Betafence range caters for a wide range of sites, with various wire and mesh combinations, anti-climb features and panel heights available.

7. Customer name plates can be fixed to every fence panel to promote an event or company.

8. Betafence’s easy-to-install sliding gate is designed and built to control and secure access to construction sites, temporary facilities and events.

9. Concrete and recycled plastic base options are available, creating mobile barriers that have the benefits of both permanent and temporary fencing

10. Safety is the top priority at sporting and cultural events, where large and enthusiastic crowds gather to support their teams or enjoy a day out. A Betafence mobile fence system keeps the flow moving and everyone safe without impacting on anyone’s enjoyment of the day.

Tempofor C
Tempofor 4 Tubes


Location: Singapore
Product Used: Tempofor® range

With more than 250 000 spectators expected at the F1 street race in Singapore, event organisers had very specific logistical and pedestrian safety requirements for temporary fencing.

Working in conjunction with KBR (who designed the circuit), Betafence designed a workable temporary perimeter solution that addressed the unique needs of the project, including:

  • spectator safety and movement control
  • privacy screening
  • minimal installation and removal
  • easy storage and transportation
  • flexibility to accommodate changing requirement

Ultimately, more than 20 km of fencing was used on and around the circuit.

Singapore Tempofor