The Fundamentals of Fencing


Betafence launches new RIBA Approved CPD. 

We are excited to announce our latest CPD ‘The Fundamentals of Fencing’ has been approved by RIBA and is now available to architects and construction professionals as part of their annual CPD programme.
RIBA CPD Architects

The CPD aims to build core fundamental knowledge of common UK fencing systems. It provides a foundation level seminar to enable smooth transition to advanced learning modules. Attendees will review the most commonly used fence types and discover their benefits and pitfalls, learn fencing terminology, explore methods for product selection based on security, environment, aesthetics and other site-specific requirements - building confidence in selecting the most suitable system for their project. Attendees will also gain insight into recent crime statistics and industry developments. 

Sitting in RIBA core curriculum subject: design, construction and technology and knowledge level: general awareness, this CPD offers a fantastic introduction to fencing specification enabling participants to gain confidence in selecting the most suitable system for their project.

Learning aims:

  • What makes a fence? - understanding the key components
  • Working examples – when fencing fails
  • Review common UK fence products and discover their benefits and pitfalls
  • Learn about the importance of fence type selection and fence terminology
  • Understand the impact of today’s security threats and crime trends on product development

Learning outcomes

  • Improve fencing product knowledge and understand key fence terminology
  • Increase awareness of suitability and appropriate use
  • Gain confidence in selecting the most suitable system for your project
  • Understand current crime trends and security challenges
  • Put learning into practice – select the right fence based on key factors such as environment, security, aesthetics and client needs

The CPD is designed to be delivered as face to face seminar, lasting no more than 1 hour.