RIBA Approved ‘Securing What Matters’


We are excited to announce our latest RIBA approved CPD ‘Securing What Matters - A Guide to High Security Perimeter Specification’. An essential guide for construction professionals and architects involved in high security perimeter protection.

High Security RIBA CPD

The physical perimeter protection market offers a myriad of products. From high-security fencing to access control bollards and high-tech radar detection systems. But how do you sift through all the options available in the market to identify the right solution(s) for your needs? Join us as we review the various solutions, and identify the key applications, advantages and disadvantages of the various products and systems. Gain the required knowledge and insight to make confident and informed choices in choosing the right physical perimeter protection solution for your unique requirements.

Sitting in the RIBA core curriculum subjects: design, construction and technology and health, safety and wellbeing and knowledge level: general awareness this CPD is a must see for professionals involved is high security perimeter protection.

Learning aims

  • Planning your fence design - understand the functions of a fence (demarcation, dissuasion, delay, detection) and understand where high security is required.
  • Ways to delay a fence breach - the concept of over, under, through
  • Layered security - integrated perimeter protection solutions
  • Learn about the various access control and detection systems
  • Get insights into the ratings systems used by the security industry

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve perimeter protection knowledge and understand key terminology
  • Increase awareness of suitability and appropriate use of various systems for higher security applications
  • Gain confidence in selecting the most suitable system for your project
  • Recognise security ratings and how to use these resources appropriately
  • Understand the importance of sustainable products

The CPD can be delivered at a time and date to suit you, as an online webinar or presentation at your office. It will last no more than 1 hour.