Security system cable conduit for your fence


Betafence is excited to announce the launch of SmartFence – a conduit system that allows you to attach cables directly onto your perimeter fence.

SmartFence Cable Conduit System


No digging, no drilling, no hassle

Traditionally, installing cables is a labour intensive process involving excavation, installation of underground conduits and drawing or pulling cables. We have seen first hand the time and resources this drains from projects.

SmartFence has been designed to eliminate the need for extensive civil works – providing a simple fence mounted conduit system to house all your cables – such as access control, fibre, CCTV or network cables.


Where can SmartFence be used?

The good news is any site or project! SmartFence is designed to adapt to all site conditions, allowing for changes in gradient, any type or corner, and installation anywhere on the fence, which can be used on new or retrofitted to existing systems.

Cable protection and maintenance

The SmartFence conduit is made from coated steel and aluminium, ensuring cables are protected from UV damage and help prevent vandalism which open cables would attract. SmartFence has a removable cover which provides easy access to the cables for maintenance or adding cables if a new component is added to the security system.


Easy 5 step installation

SmartFence is quick and easy to install, without the need to purchase specialist tools. 

  • Mount the chamber onto the fence panel at the desired height and fasten with a fixator
  • Fasten brackets around the posts with fixators
  • Lay cables in the chambers (ensuring the power cable is in the bottom chamber)
  • Close the brackets with bracket covers and secure each cover with rivets
  • Close the conduit by clicking the cover over the chamber.
SmartFence Cable Diagram


Upgrading your perimeter security

The growing demand for add-ons to fence lines has been a particular feature of the security sector in the past decade with CCTV and other optional extras becoming an integral part of the perimeter protection. SmartFence provides a quick and easy solution to upgrade your perimeter security.