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Perimeter security, containment, and stability are critical functions for correctional institutions and require the integration of security systems into one manageable platform that provides real-time control.

Betafence projects team and external specialist wrote this white paper, in order to give support in prescribing the best solution, depending on the need: deterring, delaying and/or detecting.

Securifor on prison
Barbed wire

The constant rise in the prison population is generating enormous pressure on correctional authorities and makes it increasingly difficult to provide secure facilities for the public, prison staff and inmates.
While the prison population is increasing, the number of prison officers is decreasing, which in many cases has left a severely understaffed prison estate. At the same time, prisons have
become more and more open to the outside world. They bring in an increasing number of people and vehicles to the prison gates, which makes prison security and organization a complex process.

It's because prison authorities have a difficult task to maintain a high level of Security and prevent escapes and other incidents, that Betafence developed full solutions to answers these problems. This 20 pages white paper is focusing on :

White paper security and prisons
  • Challenges of correctional facilities today
  • Perimeter security for correctional facilities
  • Different security layers with different goals
  • Prison security layers
  • Choosing the right technology mix
  • Perimeter solutions from Betafence

Different sources help us to manage this document such as Penal Reform international document, world prison brief, Security magazine, Essentials of Corrections book.... Thanks for their participation.