Choosing the right fence is paramount.


Although integrated security technologies assist in creating a secure perimeter, it is the fence that performs the most important function.


Betaview residential estates

Choose the right fence for your security estate.

The very essence of a security estate revolves around people’s safety. Protect the estate from intrusion, theft, and vandalism with reliable security solutions.

Choosing a fence requires extensive and thorough consideration, yet it often receives little thought and even less budget. This can have serious consequences.
It will contribute to the success or failure of the complete perimeter security installation due to one important factor: breakthrough resistance. It is the only component that acts as a real barrier for perpetrators to breach.

While technology components identify a potential threat and send a warning to security teams, it is the fence that occupies perpetrators and delays entry by enough time for responders to intercept and stop a breach.

The correct fence must: 

  • Delay breach attempts in order for perpetrators to be apprehended before they get in.
  • Keep unauthorized persons out.
  • Contribute aesthetically to the appearance of an estate.
  • Send a clear message that security is taken seriously.
  • Channel entry into the estate through secure and monitored control points.
  • Allow for clear views through the fence to assess security situations in surrounding environments.
  • Form a strong backbone from which all other security technologies operate.


Over the past two decades, Betafence has provided industry-leading fencing to some of the most prestigious lifestyle and golfing estates within South Africa.
This track record is a testament to the quality of both product and service that Betafence provides as standard on any project it undertakes.


Betaview - the leading choice for residential estates.

Betaview® is the leading aesthetic security fencing system in South Africa and is known for its strength, high levels of security, and quality.

  • Small apertures make the fence hard to cut & climb
  • The fence delivers a clear view of your surroundings
  • Tamper-resistant posts & fixings
  • Internationally backed 10-Year guarantee
  • Panel widths comply with the 3m wide insulator spacing requirement for compliance with electric fence installations
  • Proudly manufactured in South Africa