Betafence proud to be a supply partner


The significant amount of references Betafence has in the supply of outdoor perimeter security solutions to major key developments, both locally and internationally, played an important part in the awarding of this prestigious contract. 

Betafence supplied several perimeter fence projects for F1 race tracks such as Singapore, and in particular, drew on the expertise and experience learnt from providing to the Bahrain F1 race track. 

As by end 2007 when the Formula 1 race track for Abu Dhabi was announced, Betafence started to plan and consolidate a proposal for the supply of a solution for the perimeter fence for the race track. Negotiations with Tilke consultants and the contractor Cebarco - WCT began at this time, and by mid-2008, Betafence made the first budget proposal. Negotiations continued, and finally, the contract was awarded early 2009. Then after the F1 design team visited the company’s two premises in Zwevegem (Belgium) and Werl (Germany) the contract was extended to access control and included the supply of 150 gates including swing, sliding on a rail and sliding cantilever gates whilst for the perimeter fencing 7km Barofor (railing fence) and 3.8km of Nylofor 3D Super (welded wire panels) was to be supplied. 

The most important aspect of this project was the design of a total solution, giving a perfect answer to the specific requirements of the project, balancing visibility, aesthetic design and perimeter protection. Betafence provided full technical and commercial support for the entire project to ensure that the customized design fully met the requirements. 

Another challenge was to ensure that all the material was delivered within the tight deadlines set by the main contractor. Betafence had approximately 3 months to ship the material from Belgium to Abu Dhabi. This challenge was overcome by sending the majority of the material by sea and the balance of the supply by air. Thanks to the good cooperation on all levels of this project, the customer was satisfied. The client can proudly welcome the F1 racers on its circuit on the set date. The Abu Dhabi racetrack is proof of the Betafence expertise in handling total perimeter solution projects. 

Betafence (www.betafence.com) is world market leader in fencing solutions, access control and detection for perimeter protection. 
Betafence is protecting industrial buildings, public infrastructure and high sensitive sites as well as private gardens, agricultural properties and livestock. 
Betafence also delivers wire mesh products for a variety of industrial applications. 
Betafence currently employs 2000 people and generates sales of €500 million (2008). Its headquarters are located in Belgium and it has 13 production sites in 11 countries. Sales offices are active throughout the world.