Auto Satellites SA carries out its professional activities in Dampremy (Charleroi).

The terrain where the cars are parked is surrounded by private houses. A cedar hedge around the terrain had become too old and needed to be replaced. The owner was looking for a long-term solution that did not require too much maintenance and made the activities almost invisible to the neighbours. These are requirements that can be met by Gabion Stonewall of Betafence, an elegant filled wall that can be used as an individual measure of ambient noise damping and that conceals daily activities from view while maintaining the country aesthetics that the owner wanted. In total, a 60 m long and 2 m high Gabion Stonewall was installed.

An overview of the assets:

  • The Gabion Stonewall represents a unique system. It is based on a unique and integrated post concept to build filled walls. Once the filled wall is finalized, the square posts are completely invisible.
  • Robustness is still an essential element. For example, for a wall height of 203 cm, Betafence's unique column concept can withstand a wind speed of 165 km/h.
  • The Gabion Stonewall is an ideal solution to achieve maximum reduction of ambient noise.

Betafence recommends installing the filled wall as close as possible to the noise source and filling it with a porous stone of the smallest size possible. With a height of 200 cm and a length that forms an angle of 160° to the noise receiver, the wall provides an even better damping effect. - The complete system is very easy and quick to install. The integrated column concept is one of the elements that makes construction extremely easy. The components: The Gabion Stonewall is based on a unique and integrated column concept. Once the wall is filled after its placement, the posts are completely out of sight.

The different components in detail:

  • Standard welded panels are used. They have a width of 2000 mm and are available in several heights, varying from 1600 mm to 2000 mm.
  • The square posts have a cross-section of 60 x 60 mm.

The standard panels are fixed to the posts using universal fasteners. A diagram of holes in the fixing parts allows building a filled wall with a thickness of 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm.

The materials: The panels of the Gabion Stonewall have a Zincalu® coating.

Thanks to the specially designed Zincalu® coating, the service life is increased by at least 50% compared to a rich galvanized coating. The posts are hot-dip galvanized.

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