Modern touch in design and architecture

Betafence private client from Gorzów near Oświęcim in Poland decided to choose Horizen panels to protect his newly built house. The fence is 60 meters long in beautiful grey colour to enhance the modern architecture of the house. Why did they decide to choose Horizen? First of all, because it’s a modern solution for home safety. The Horizen panels are designed to protect household thanks to small spaces between spans. This solution prevents climbing on the fence, so we do not need to worry about undesirable people on our property. Moreover, the small spaces ensure privacy in the garden. This was very important for our client due to their big terrain. Our distributor Ledwoń decided to propose the Horizen panels because of the two features: modern design and safety. The colour here plays the important part. Anthracite (dark grey) has become fashionable two years ago.

And since then, it has been constantly increasing its market advantage. There is no reason for this direction to change. Especially, that anthracite fits very well with more and more fences models, for example, the horizontal palisades (Horizen panels). Also lighter shades of grey grow in popularity of use. As you can see, this shade perfectly matches lighter colours of the front house elevation. The Horizon panels are completed with the single swing gate. The advantages of the Horizen system is that you can choose gates in the same design and thanks to that you will achieve consistent looking fence.

What are the advantages of choosing the Horizen gates?

  • Single swing gates are available in both the manual version and with the electric strike. They are designed with the same purpose – to protect, thanks to the previously mentioned small spaces between spans and to keep privacy.
  • You can also choose a double swing gate in one of two options: manual or prepared for automation.

Both types of gates can be mounted directly to masonry or columns previously embedded in concrete. While choosing the gate it is important to know your needs, for example, how often you will use the gate, and what space do you have available for the gate. The answers will determine your decision. To create the consistent look, like the one presented here, we recommend choosing the gates suitable to the chosen panels. Before you start using the gates, we also recommend reading about the conservation process to maintain the good condition of the gate and ensure its trouble-free use for many years.

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