Horizontal design and privacy Private investor decided to secure his newly built house with two types of fences:

transparent panels on the sides and non-transparent on the front. For the front fence Horizen system was chosen. Why did they decide to choose Horizen? First of all, because it’s a modern solution for home safety. The Horizen panels are designed to protect household thanks to small spaces between spans. This solution prevents climbing on the fence so we do not need to worry about undesirable people on our property. Moreover, the small spaces ensure privacy in the garden. The panels were mounted on the concrete posts. This will stabilize the fence. The entrance was also equipped with one single swing gate and one double motorized swing gates of Horizen type. Choosing one system will make a household looking consistent and modern.

What are the advantages of choosing the Horizon gates?

  • Single swing gates are available in both the manual version and with the electric strike. They are designed with the same purpose – to protect, thanks to the previously mentioned small spaces between spans and to keep privacy.
  • You can choose a double swing gate in one of two options: manual or prepared for automation. Both types of gates can be mounted directly to masonry or columns previously embedded in concrete. While choosing the gate it is important to know your needs, for example, how often you will use the gate, and what space do you have available for the gate.

The answers will determine your decision. In this case, the investor decided on the motorized one, because he is usually a few times a day at home and he appreciates the convenience of use. After choosing a gate, we should also have on mind how to protect it and ensure long-term and trouble-free use. Modern gates are extremely durable products, ensuring trouble-free use for many years. However, as with any mechanical device, you need to take care of their maintenance, if you care about extending their life. The method of additional securing the gate depends on its type. We should have a slightly different approach to sliding gates than to the swing gates. In the case of the sliding gates, it is worth checking the condition of the product primarily before and after the winter season, and of course if you notice any problem in the product's operation. The maintenance of swing gates is definitely simpler and does not require as much time as sliding. In this case, we focus primarily on the visual assessment of the protective coating and the application of corrections/additions in the event of mechanical damage.

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