Classic architecture style with a modern touch Betafence private client from Oświęcim in Poland chose to fence his dreamed house with Horizen panels.

The decision wasn’t easy because of the architectural style of the house. It’s a classic project with a sloping roof. The colour of elevation is also the classic choice. The owner was hesitating between choosing the wrought iron fence and something slightly different and modern. Why he wanted the wrought iron fence? First of all, he wanted to create a consistent image of the property, and also something classic and maybe decorative. He also thought that this type of fence will be more durable. After consulting our specialist, the owner decided to choose Horizen panel. What made him change his mind? The wrought iron fence is heavy, not only literally but it also gives the property the heavy look and feel. The beauty and finesse can't be denied to a wrought iron fence, which was made by a specialist craftsman, but their weight and decorative character are less and less up-to-date with ongoing trends. An additional downside to this solution is the need for frequent maintenance. Forged fences and gates are usually made of black steel, which, unfortunately, quickly rusts. That’s way if you don’t want to spend hours maintaining the fence you should think about steel with the proper anti-corrosion coating.

Because of that our Horizen panels are made of galvanized steel profiles and then coated with polyester powder (minimum 60 micrometres). Horizen system also provides the consistency. All elements of the Horizen fence - apart from the panels there are also single, double-swing gates and sliding gates as well as posts - they have been designed to create one coherent line. They are available in many colours, which you can match to the colours of the house and property. In this case, the owner decided to choose matching single swing gate and sliding gate. What are the advantages of choosing the Horizen gates?

  • Single swing gates are available in both the manual version and with the electric strike. They are designed with the same purpose as panels– to protect, thanks to the small spaces between spans and to keep privacy.
  • The Horizen is characterized by an attractive, fashionable appearance and a high level of security that ensures your property.

The sliding gate, like the other elements of the Horizen system, will give you a sense of privacy. Its great advantage is a guarantee of long-term use thanks to used galvanizing and coating technologies. Horizen sliding gate can be purchased in one of two options: manual or prepared for drive installation. It is also available in many colour options, thanks to which you will surely match it to your property.

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