The Tulplast warehouse secured with Nylofor 2D panels.

A family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in the market, decided to protect its warehouse, located near Poznań, through the selection of Nylofor 2D fence panels. The company specializes in the production of plastic and metal products, therefore the area of their warehouse requires special protection. The terrain also required the use of two fence panels heights, a lower one having 1430 mm and a higher one measuring 1830 mm. The investment was carried out by Pema, a distributor of Betafence. Why did the owners decide to use the Nylofor 2D panels?

  • Nylofor 2D and Nylofor 2D Super fence systems consist of heavy welded panels, rectangular posts and a wide range of Nylofor swing gates and Robusta sliding gates. Due to the heaviness of the welded panels.

Why are complementary gates so important? For sensitive objects, like warehouses, the entrance to the property requires special protection. The gate should be durable and perfectly adapted to the terrain. The Robusta gates are available in two different types, a sliding gate on rails and self-supporting.

What are they different? The Robusta sliding gate requires, for a smooth work, installation of the running rail. Thanks to the system installed in the lower part of the gate wing, the sash is supported in several places and does not require a large counterbalance to maintain the balance. Therefore, the customer can save the space required when the gate moves. Self-supporting gates Robusta is a type of sliding gate, in which the bottom rail embedded in the floor has been replaced with a rail located in the bottom bar. The rollers are not attached to the gate wing but fixed permanently on the guide column frame. Thanks to this, the gate wing slides freely into the bridge of the guidepost. Such a gate construction, however, requires a long counterbalance, and therefore additional space for opening the gate.

  • The panels are made of thick wires and additionally reinforced with large horizontal double wires (Nylofor 2D - 6.00 mm, and Nylofor 2D Super - 8.00 mm). They are usually mounted on rectangular D-LOX steel poles. Additional steel connectors ensure the stability of panels and therefore the stability of the whole construction. This guarantee the high degree of security of the property.
  • Nylofor 2D and 2D Super panels are also part of the fencing systems protecting sports facilities: Bekasport and Ballstop. Adaptation of these panels to sports facilities demonstrates their resistance to deformation mentioned above.
  • Standard Nylofor 2D and 2D Super panels are available in green RAL 6005, and Nylofor 2D Super also in galvanized and black RAL 9005.
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