The area of Kindergarten in Bielsko-Biała fenced with Nylofor 3D panels Kindergarten No. 24 in Bielsko-Biała is an old brick building located in the city centre by the beautiful Park im.

Adama Mickiewicza. It is a small, home institution with a garden and playground complex. It is located in a building from the turn of the 19th and 20th century, specially adapted for the needs of children and their educators. It is surrounded by a large garden (with a total area of 2,500 m2), where the youngest spend a lot of time. It not only fulfils the role of a playground, but also the space in which classes take place. To effectively protect children during play, and to clearly mark the boundaries of such a large space, the whole area of kindergarten was fenced with a panel system. For this purpose, Nylofor 3D panels in the zinc version were selected.

Why did they chose the Nylofor 3D?

  • The Nylofor 3D fence system is extremely durable. It owes it to the material and the production method. Galvanized steel wires are covered with a polyester coating, which ensures high resistance of the panels to external factors. The durability of the coating is also achieved thanks to the thermosetting processes at high temperatures (baking). The surface preparation process ensures perfect adhesion of the polyester coating to the substrate. Thanks to these treatments, the Nylofor 3D system works great as a fence for kindergartens, schools or playgrounds.
  • Another advantage of Nylofor 3D panels is their horizontal profiling. It gives the whole structure even more rigidity, thanks to which the system is much stronger than the usual grids that were once used in this type of fences. These nets could be easily cut, broken or even untangled. In this case, the safety of children was a priority, which is why we had to specially protect the kindergarten grounds.
  • All system components have been designed in such a way that the installation proceeds quickly and without any problems. Although the installation of the whole structure was easy, there was no lack of professionalism and a solid approach to work. Nylofor 3D panels are installed on a length of 70 meters on rectangular EL poles, which not only stand out for their outstanding durability and stiffness but also give the client a lot of benefits, including:
  • The possibility of earlier concrete concreting,
  • Easy and quick assembly.

The whole fence is completed with the gate, which is the main entrance to the kindergarten and the sliding gate that leads to the entrance. Both products are elements of the Egidia system. The Egidia gates are manufactured in accordance with European standards. The CE mark is a guarantee of safe use. The great advantage of using this system is its coating, made of zinc and polyester powder. It releases our client from the obligation to maintain the gates for many years after their installation. As for the entrance gate, the sliding gate Egidia is not only reliable but also resistant to external factors. For even greater security, it has profiles spread out so as to prevent climbing on it. This is important for the place where children are spending time.

We never know what idea they can fall into during carefree fun. Both the gate and the sliding gate were additionally filled with a palisade, which works well in pre-school arrangements. In the end, a fence was created for both the historic building and the surrounding garden, where pupils of the kindergarten often reside. As the facility is located in the city centre, the most important thing was to ensure safety - hereof the palisades in the gate and gate, constituting the main entrance and entrance to the facility. To prevent possible damage to the fence, Nylofor 3D panels were used, which are characterized by the highest strength and stiffness. Although they separate the kindergarten grounds, they do not completely cut off the view of the outside world, thanks to which children do not feel overwhelmed and limited during pre-school activities.

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