Park near the Palace and Farm in Karolew In 2017, the Polish distributor, PEMA, installed a fence in the park in Borek Wielkopolski.

The fence was built next to the Karolew Palace and Farm. The area is surrounded by green Nylofor 3D panels. Why the fence is green? Investors pointed out that the fence should first of all mark the boundaries of the land and not interfere too much with the natural surroundings. After this, the choice was obvious. The green colour perfectly combined with the surrounding green natural fencing, thanks to which it gained an unobtrusive character and did not add unnecessary heaviness to the surroundings. In what other colours can we order Nylofor 3D panels? The Nylofor 3D system is normally available in green and zinc while depending on your needs, you can order many other colours from the RAL palette. In addition, investors pointed out that they would like to have a rigid fence that will not require frequent maintenance. These requirements have been met by Nylofor 3D panels made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. The durability of the coating is achieved thanks to the thermosetting processes at high temperatures (baking). Thanks to this coating the panels gain exceptional resistance to photochemical ageing processes. The horizontal profiling gives an additional rigidity to the panels, which additionally has a positive effect on the mechanical strength of the fence. Thanks to this solution, which is horizontal profiling, the owners can be sure that the whole fencing system will effectively protect the area against intrusion into the property or from animals in the park, e.g. dogs. Thanks to bending, the panels are protected against deformation. In addition, all system components have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds quickly and professionally.

Nylofor 3D panels can be supplemented with swing and sliding gates, which in the future can help in the expansion of fencing in other areas of the land, or provide - thanks to the ability to mount sliding gates practically of any length - a comfortable entrance to the Farm or for large vehicles. In addition, thanks to the possibility of easy installation of gates, we will achieve a consistent and complete security system for the property. The choice of Nylofor 3D panels was also influenced by the application area of the fence, the park. It is an urban space that sets different requirements for the fence. Panels and fencing rolls that are used in urban space usually have a slightly different task than in the case of a detached house or housing estates. Their main task is not to provide maximum security - although this aspect is also important - but rather to set boundaries. In this case, the Nylofor 3D panels are mainly used to mark the boundary of the land, but due to the nearby Farm, they must also ensure security against intrusion. Most often, city fences are installed around parks, as well as playgrounds, on squares, and around public buildings. In turn, products such as gabions are an element of small architecture, increasing the attractiveness of the area.

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