Decathlon fenced with Nylofor 3D panels

There is one of Decathlon's sports stores in Mikołajów at ul. Gliwicka 42. Customers can find here the necessary equipment they need to practice their discipline. Every day, consultants are available for shop visitors and help both beginners and more advanced athletes find the right product. Decathlon in Mikołów is a large, gray hall with a small housing estate behind it. In order to cut away from neighboring houses in 2013, it was decided to use the services of Betafence. Behind the building, a fence from the Nylofor 3D series has been installed. Why this type of panels works best for fencing public buildings, stadiums, factories or workshops? It is related to several of its properties. First of all, the Nylofor 3D system is made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating and resistant to any external stimuli. The coating owes above-average durability to firing processes, i.e. thermosetting at high temperatures. Thanks to the method of implementation, this system is one of the stiffest and most durable fencing systems. Horizontal profiling gives the extra rigidity of Nylofor 3D panels, thanks to which it effectively protects the areas of factories, workshops, public facilities, or, as in this case, a store building with a large warehouse.

Another asset is the design and simple design, thanks to which this system does not evoke feelings of overwhelming and confinement in people in the protected property. It does not cut it off from the outside world, thanks to which passers-by can easily see what is behind the fence. In the case of the Decathlon store an additional advantage is the fact that the gate is only one wall, so the effect of overwhelming does not occur at all. We know, however, where is the border between the store and the small housing estate that is right behind it. The Nylofor 3D system is available in standard green and fire-zinc colors, but on request, we can easily order many other colors from the RAL palette. In the case of this implementation, a standard solution was chosen. To ensure long-term use and safety of the fence system, it was mounted on rectangular poles for brackets (also in green). Thanks to them, the assembly of panels from the Nylofor family ran quickly and without any problems. The Nylofor 3D panels were additionally filled with special Nylofor Screeno Line screens.

Thanks to this, they provide more privacy and better protect the back office area. High-quality materials from which the diaphragms are made guarantee long-term comfort of use. In addition, their assembly is extremely fast and the expected fencing effect is achieved very quickly. Simply slide the vertical and horizontal slats into the panel, then attach the vertical strips to the bottom bar of the panel using the clips, which of course attach in the package, and finish the whole process by applying it to the top slat panel. A great attraction for people who love DIY work. Finally, in Mikołów, 170 meters of the wall was built from the Nylofor 3D panels, which perfectly separates the Decathlon store building from the nearby housing estate. It provides not only safety (thanks to the method of implementation and horizontal profiling) but also a sense of intimacy. This effect was achieved by filling the mesh of the panels with Nylofor Nevada. Thanks to the use of the classic green color, the entire system gained elegance. Simple design and easy to assemble construction only emphasize its taste.

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