Astra coffee roasting from Poznań fenced with Nylofor 3D panels

A company from Poznań, the Astra coffee roaster operating on the Polish market for 45 years, decided to protect the area of its factory by selecting Nylofor 3D panels. A large area of the factory requires special protection, especially against unwanted guests. The length of the fence is 650 meters.

Why did the Astra roaster owners decide to choose Betafence Nylofor 3D panels? Below are some product features that have undoubtedly helped in making the decisions:

  • The Nylofor 3D fence system consists of heavy welded panels, most often mounted on rectangular posts. They are made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. Thanks to this coating the panels gain exceptional resistance to photochemical ageing processes, which makes this product an ideal solution.
  • In the case of factories and workshops, which often require hundreds or even thousands of meters of fencing, the fact that the anti-corrosion properties of the Nylofor 3D panel system chosen by the roasters are very important. Thanks to the latest coating technology, the panels do not require regular maintenance, which greatly facilitates their operation and guarantees the flawless appearance of the fence, which is often the showcase of the company for many years.
  • The horizontal profiling gives an additional rigidity to the panels, which additionally has a positive effect on the mechanical strength of the fence. Thanks to this solution, which is horizontal profiling, the owners can be sure that the whole fencing system will effectively protect the company's area. All elements of the system have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds quickly, professionally and without unnecessary stress.
  • Nylofor 3D panels can be supplemented with swing and sliding gates, which in the future can help in the expansion of fencing in other areas of the company, or provide - thanks to the ability to mount sliding gates practically of any length - a comfortable entrance to the factory or workshop for large vehicles.

In addition, thanks to the possibility of easy installation of gates, we will achieve a consistent and complete security system for the property. The Nylofor 3D system is normally available in green and zinc colour, while depending on your needs, you can order many other colours from the RAL palette. As we can see from the example of this realization, we can freely choose the colour that suits our company - they can even be brand colours! As we mentioned earlier, when choosing a fence for sensitive objects, such as our roastery, we must remember about proper protection of the panels against corrosion. At Betafence, we focus on perfect preparation of each product for use. One of the techniques we use is galvanizing (applying a layer of zinc on wires), effectively protecting steel against oxidation and, as a result, corrosion. In many of our products, we also use synthetic coatings, which not only strengthen the galvanizing effect but also look very elegant. The fences protected in this way are therefore both safe and visually appealing.

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