The wastewater treatment plant in Sierakowice fenced with panels from Betafence In 2007, “Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Spółka z o.o.” was founded in Sierakowice.

It belongs to the commune community and its basic tasks are: meeting the needs of the inhabitants of this area in the field of water supply, sewerage, removal and treatment of municipal sewage, as well as maintaining cleanliness and order of sanitary facilities. The company is also responsible for supervising the operation of the network and its repair in the event of a failure. Hence, the company has a huge responsibility. No wonder that the area of the treatment plant had to be fenced as well as possible to prevent unauthorized and unwanted intruders from entering it. In 2014, seven years after the founding of the company, its owners decided to cooperate with Betafence. Many years of experience and a huge range of very good quality products convinced them to trust our company. In this case, the client's priority was to ensure the best possible protection of the plant area with a permanent and rigid fence, which would not require frequent renovation. That's why we decided to fence the designated space with panels from the Nylofor 3D system.

Why did this choice seem obvious to us? Nylofor 3D panels work great as fencing of public buildings, industrial infrastructure, or factories and workshops. They owe it first of all to their properties, which are the result of a strictly defined method of production. These panels are made of galvanized wires and then painted with a powder method. Further processes of "firing" or subjecting the panels to high temperatures, give them extraordinary durability and stiffness. Thanks to this, Nylofor panels are extremely durable and resistant to external conditions. Additional protection against entering unauthorized people into the area is the one-sided sharp ending of the panels. Slightly pointed tips have a length of 30mm and provide sensational protection. What is more, the posts on which the panels are mounted have been galvanized both inside and outside, thanks to which our Client can be sure that there is no risk of them being cut by intruders. During the installation of the fence, the substrate was prepared so that the polyester coating adhered perfectly to it. All for the best protection of the company on which such a large responsibility rests.

The panels are available in basic green color and many other colors from the RAL palette. In the case of the installation set in Sierakowice, however, it was decided to use a traditional green color, which blended in perfectly with the surroundings. It is eye-catching and provides great separation of space from the outside world. For Customers who want to maintain an even greater sense of intimacy and separation, there is the possibility of installing diaphragms on the panels. In the case of wastewater treatment plants, this solution was abandoned so that its area would be visible to outsiders. Thanks to this, the fence looks much lighter, even though it’s very rigid and stable. All elements of the system have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds quickly, professionally and without unnecessary stress. In the end, 250 meters of fencing was created, which not only works well in its basic protective function, but thanks to the appropriate manufacturing processes do not require frequent maintenance and repairs that would take a lot of time with such a long installation. In addition, it is a clear border that can not be crossed by outsiders. And thanks to the simple color solutions and minimalist design, it gives the whole area a traditional and modest look.

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