Nylofor 3D panels that protect tracks for Pendolino

The family of Italian trains - Pendolino electric traction units - came to Poland already in 2013, when four vehicles were brought to our country in order to test their effects on our tracks. During these tests, the highest speed in the history of operation of Pendolino trains in the world was achieved - 293 km/h. Finally, in 2014, they began operating under the new category of Express InterCity Premium trains servicing the relations connecting Warsaw with Gdynia, Katowice, Krakow, and Wroclaw. Their maximum speed varies between 200 and 250 km/h. No wonder that the PKP IC company had to ensure proper fencing of the track, on which the vehicle moves so fast, from the surrounding areas. Security reasons were the most important here.

That's why it was decided to install fence panels from Betafence in Warsaw. Strength has become the main priority, which is why it was decided to choose one of the Nylofor system family. Along the tracks, on the total length of 0.8 km, Nylofor 3D fence panels were installed. Why was this system chosen? First of all because of its properties. The Nylofor 3D fence panels are characterized by outstanding stiffness and extraordinary resistance to all external stimuli. They owe it to the method of implementation. They are made of galvanized steel wires coated with a high-strength polyester coating. The durability of the coating is achieved thanks to the thermosetting processes at high temperatures (so-called baking). horizontal profiling gives additional rigidity of the panels, thanks to which the entire fencing system effectively secures both the company's area and the workshop, as well as provides great protection for objects located in open spaces (as in the case of tracks on which Pendolino moves). All elements of the system have been designed in such a way that the assembly proceeds as professionally as possible. Regardless of whether they are mounted on EL poles, which: a) can be concreted earlier, b) have a wide range of applications, or on rectangular posts for clamps that provide: a) long use, b) special security of the entire fencing system, installation of the Nylofor 3D fence system runs quickly and smoothly. Another advantage of selected panels is their resistance to external conditions, without the need for regular and frequent maintenance. This is a special advantage, as the length of the fence and its closed position relative to the tracks on which the train moves at a speed of about 200 km / h, would prevent frequent renovation of the entire system.

Thanks to the fact that Nylofor 3D panels do not require excessive care for their external coating, they are the best for this investment. The Nylofor 3D system is normally available in green and fire-resistant zinc color while depending on your needs, you can order many other colors from the RAL palette. In the case of fencing made for PKP InterCity, we chose a basic, green color that does not stand out too much from the environment, but nevertheless constitutes a clear border between the track and the surrounding fields. The comfort of travelers in the trains was also important for us. We did not want the only thing they saw while traveling through a designated drain was an overwhelming fence. This is why we gave up the possibility of filling the panels with special shutters. Thanks to this, travelers can still admire the area while driving. Finally, about 800 meters of fencing was installed, which since 2013 has been perfectly separating the tracks, on which the fastest train in our country is moving, from the surrounding areas. Everything to ensure maximum safety for people who are too close to the speeding machine.

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