Installed Betafence barriers for the safety of the Rome Termini train station

Publifor®, the patented modular system most used in Italy for the safety of high-traffic areas has been chosen for the area of ​​access to the tracks of Rome Termini station. For this project , the office Betafence Engineering has developed a special variant of the system with a polycarbonate top . It's the primary national station where an estimated half a million people are passing every day: it is the Rome Termini train station which today can guarantee a better level of safety thanks to special barriers installed in the area of ​​access to trains following the trend of the main national Airports.

The new filtering system allows prior check the tickets of passengers by security personnel in order to better protect the safety and also to prevent tax evasion, begging, illegal and abusive sales activities in the adjacent area and on board trains. Sensitive target for any terrorist attacks, the area required a strengthening of security especially in anticipation of the many pilgrims expected during the year in Rome during the Jubilee. They have chosen Publifor® patented modules by Betafence, world leader in fencing and in high security systems . Each module consists of a base in galvanized sheet metal and polyester coated with a concrete filling on which is mounted a resistant polycarbonate panel. Impact-resistant and durable, this material allows for maximum visibility to the intrinsic qualities of transparency, for more control of the police. Thanks also to the lower visual impact, it preserves the beauty of the place. The version, has been developed specifically for the project of Ferrovie dello Stato.

Publifor® allowed rapid installation through a simple forklift.

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