Betafence has a very wide experience with the most diverse projects. And thus also with very different requirements packages. However, the most stringent requirements are imposed on us by nature. Weather and wind are the natural enemies of every product that is used outside. Add to it the extreme conditions of the coast, and you immediately realize that placing a fence on a seawall is a real challenge. A safe harbour The Westdam in Zeebrugge stretches from the beach to three kilometres of sea-inland. The dam is built from heavy concrete blocks that lie on top of each other. A fence was erected on top of the dam to protect and secure the large terminals and companies in the outer harbour against burglary, theft, sabotage, damage, vandalism ... For this purpose, a Securifor® 2D fence was used. 1 Kilometres long and three meters high. Securifor 2D The fencing must in the first place meet various requirements that often appear in other specifications: sturdy, hard to sabotage, cut or climb and aesthetically harmonious blend into the environment. All trumps that unite the Securifor 2D.

To make possible sabotage difficult and to withstand extreme wind, Bekasecure® posts were used. Thanks to their unique omega-shaped design, these posts guarantee superior protection and great strength. Under all circumstances However, what made this assignment a particular challenge is the highly corrosive environment and the fact that the system must have a functionality of 25 years. Both the posts and the Securifor 2D panels were covered with a double polyester coating on top of the Galva (Zincalu-Super) coating, while all used accessories are in stainless steel, guaranteeing the durability of the system. For the execution of the project, a certificate was issued to confirm the quality of the system: the panels and posts underwent the salt spray test (an accelerated test in which samples were exposed to an aggressive environment to test the adhesion quality of the coating). Benefits Secure Securifor 2D is the ultimate massive weldmesh panel for providing the highest degree of security. The rigidity of the panels is further obtained by the inclusion of 6 mm vertical wires and the addition of double 4 mm horizontal wires each 152,4 mm at the inside face of the panel. This product is ideally suited for applications that require high rigidity and where trespassing is prohibited. Vandal resistant The finger-and-toe-proof mesh profile combines an anti-climb and anti-cut panel with excellent visibility and resistance to vandalism.

The small mesh apertures with heavy wires result in long delay times when using basic hand tools to attempt cutting through the panel. Discreet Minimal visual impact on the environment with excellent see-through visibility, essential for use with security cameras. Durable Low maintenance and long life resulting from a high-quality coating.

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