To increase the delay time (= the time a fence offers resistance to intruders) at the car park of the Volkswagen importer DIeteren in Belgium, Betafence was asked to install a 2.40 meter high Securifor fence along the road + Nylofor 3D panels around the site.

The Volkswagen Group wanted to have a number of storage facilities available in Europe. For the importer DIeteren, the security of the site was a priority. Betafence took account of every possibility after which a preventive solution was conceived for every theft or vandalism scenario. The old and new parking sites are located on both sides of a road. A fully enclosed tunnel connects the car parks, while a 2.40 meter high Securifor fence runs along the road (with Bekasecure posts on a base). This means that no objects can be thrown from the road into the car park to damage the parked vehicles. A fencing system with Nylofor 3D panels and Bekafi x posts was chosen around the sites. The reasons? The strong wire diameter, the wellthought out attachment with clasps and dome head bolts, the limited possibility of climbing, the angle fi nish and the easy absorption of differences in level.

Camera surveillance, alarm detection and a ditch around the site complete the perimeter security.

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