The project of Sydney airport is a project in 5 stages.

The finalization of stage 1 is near. 1850 metres of Securifor, 3 meters high with electric fencing on top of the fence. Stage 1 also includes 15 gates, 4 of which are automated cantilever gates . We realized the project with our Australian distributor Gryffin Pty. Ltd. Gryffin was working with Sydney Airport Corporation (SACL) since 2003 on the correct product to use.

Various samples of security fencing had been installed at the airport site where much testing was done. In the end, after extensive investigation & testing SACL was convinced that Betafence Securifor was the fence that best met the requirements: Physical security, visibility, ability to work well with CCTV and ability to work detection systems. As soon as stage 1 is completed a decision will be made on stage 2. Stage 2 will be a further 5 kilometres of Betafence Securifor with electrical fencing on top.

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