Betafence scuring gas and oil

Oil & Gas companies are stepping up security and protection measures in the face of real threats to the safety of their people and the possibility of severe disruptions to production activities. As the first line of defence, and the biggest factor in detecting, delaying and deterring breach attempts, a facility's perimeter security system must be carefully considered, designed and implemented.

In addition to total perimeter security solutions, Betafence has developed unique products to address the industry's specific challenges:


Independently tested and certified crash-rated barriers.

Betafence has a range of certified anti-ram crash-rated systems to suit your particular security requirement independently tested to ASTM F2656-07 standards.

  • M50 P1 certified
  • M40 P1 certified
  • M50/M40 P2 engineered
  • Shallow mount version

Watch the crash test videos here.

Crash rate barrier


Certified crash-rated, surface-mounted rapid deployment barrier.

TerraBlock® acts as a combined crash barrier and high-security fence. It is rapidly installed without the use of concrete and posts requiring only a forklift and basic hand tools.

  • M50 P1 crash-rated protection
  • Ballistic and forced entry tested
  • Consistent visibility enhances situational awareness
  • Crash-rated gate options
  • Optional accessories

Watch the crash test videos here.

Crach rate barrier


NATO STANAG tested RPG pre-detonation screen.

The BlastGuard™ system pre-detonates an RPG before it can reach its target, with minor damage to the screen, providing continued protection of the asset after the first detonation.

  • An added layer of protection
  • Protect critical infrastructure such as storage tanks
  • Modular configuration
  • Rapid replacement of damaged panels

Pre detonation screen


Solar-powered wireless intrusion detection system.

ModuGuard® relies on solar, microwave and wireless technology making this detection solution simple to install and configure over multiple sites. It is self-sustainable and requires minimal maintenance

  • Optional video surveillance
  • Remote management
  • Seamless integration
  • Multiple sites
  • Modular configuration


Modulalr fencing configuration


Betafence securing gaz factories
Terrablock system