The temporary sliding gate

The Tempofor® temporary sliding gate is designed and built to control and secure access to construction sites, temporary facilities and events.

- Unique design
- Mobility
- Easy installation
- Quality

Available in :
Betafence Europe
United Kingdom
Betafence UK&I
Betafence USA
Betafence MENA
South & Central Africa
Betafence Africa
Betafence Asia & Oceania

Technical Information

The Tempofor temporary gate is specially designed to have an affordable solution for controlling access to your temporary site: construction site, events, etc...


The Tempofor gate is automated and comes completely pre-cabled to your site. The automated temporary gate is powered by a 24 Vdc electromotor with torque control.
The motor is remotely controlled an designed to withstand outdoor conditions.
The guiding post is standard equipped with a flashlight. Additional fence connections allow rigid connection of the Tempofor fence to the gate.

Optional integrated end post

An end post with an integrated catcher can be installed in line with the gate. The end post is also foreseen with a fence connection.
The end post is delivered with a concrete base and fits perfectly with the Tempofor panels.
To increase the safety and security of the access additional options can be added.

Easy installation

The tempofor temporary sliding gate is mounted on a concrete base for direct placement on a construction site. The base is designed to be combined with the tempofor panel range and allows smooth integration of the gate.
The complete assembly, gate and concrete base, can easily be moved by forklift. anchor points are foreseen in the concrete base for a steady fixation to the ground.

Optional safety and security elements

The temporary gate can be further equipped with wireless photocells for additional safety control. When the photocells are activated, the gate returns to the open position. A floodlight ensures that the entrance is lighted during functioning of the gate. Finally, a high-security magnetic switch can be added to control the status of the gate.

Gate specifications
Free passage Up to 5 meters
Total needed free space 12300 mm
Total height 2060 mm
Total weight (incl. concrete base) ca. 580 Kg
Power supply 230 Vac - 50 Hz
End post specifications  
End post dimensions 80x80x2190 mm
End post weight (inc. concrete base) ca. 95 Kg