Gabion system for large infrastructure


Noise pollution. Anyone who has lived near busy roads or railway lines can tell you all about it. A sound barrier can be a solution, but it’s not exactly picturesque. The brand new Soundblock® gabion from Betafence offers both: effective soundproofing that also complements the natural aesthetics of any landscape. 

Silent force 
Soundblock® is the patented soundproofing gabion from Betafence. The key to this new development is an innovative concept by which less noise is reflected, and less sound penetrates the gabion wall. 

Unfolding a sound barrier and filling it up. It sounds somewhat strange, but that’s the basic principle of Soundblock®betafence-soundblock.gif
The system is delivered flat packed and can be very quickly assembled on location, even when flexibility is required to accommodate obstacles. Any number of designs are possible: a wall many kilometres long, in units of 2 to 10 metres, with a height of up to 6 metres. 

All the parts combine to form whole strong thanks to the welded wire panels, treated with Zincalu® Ultra coating for extra durability, and optimally bound with spirals. Soundblock® is therefore extremely multi-faceted, robust and durable. Betafence values you can rely on. 

Sounds like Soundblock® 
In the middle segment of the gabion, filled bags prevent erosion of the granulated rubble, sand or soil. The filling has a sound dampening effect, keeping sound transmission to a minimum. 

The outside can be filled with decorative stones or even glass. The gabions are also appropriate for growing climbing plants. Here the level of sound absorption is determined by choice of material. 

In other words, the Soundblock® system has a dual effect: the optimal combination of resistance to transmission and absorption. On the side of the sound source, the wall forms a sound barrier by absorption, while the middle compartment functions as an active acoustic element, limiting sound transmission to the other side of the wall. 

Even better acoustic performance? An extra absorbent material can be integrated. 

Silent efficiency 
Soundblock® is the cost-effective solution for efficient soundproofing in larger and smaller infrastructure projects. Not only does the quick placement contribute to favourable costs, but the filling of the gabions themselves can be achieved at minimal expense. 

Betafence developed Soundblock® in cooperation with Sonorcontrol, an independent laboratory specialising in sound engineering.