Betafence installs 35 km of metal fencing


The construction of the harbour of Tanger Med started in 2003. The harbour began its activity in 2007 and in 2016 the total capacity will come in 8 million containers. Since the beginning, Betafence has been chosen as a partner for all fences in and around the harbour. The experience gained with big fencing projects in infrastructure was a major advantage for Betafence. The quality of the products was also a major issue due to the highly corrosive environment. Till now, Betafence has delivered 35 km of different fence types and 17 access gates. 


The significant amount of references Betafence has in the infrastructure area, in addition to the international reputation of Betafence, played important roles in the awarding of this prestigious contract. However, the dominant aspect of this project was the design of a total solution, giving a perfect answer to the specific requirements of the project.

The contract includes several products and applications such as movable security fencing of 3m high, medium security fencing of 3.5m high and high-security fencing of 4.5m high as well as big motorized sliding gates for the main entrances of the port.

The very aggressive climate in the Strait of Gibraltar, where the harbour is located, was a key factor for the choice of the fences. The installed products have received a specific galvanization and coating treatment, which enabled Betafence to provide ten years guarantee against corrosion, even though just located next to the saltwater. The fencing systems also have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Tanger and even resist wind gusts up to 170 km/hour. The quality reputation of Betafence products has been decisive for this long-term cooperation between Betafence and the port authorities.

The first delivery started in 2007 and had been continued since.




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Download the press release: Betafence installs 35 km fencing for the ‘TANGER MED’ harbour in Morocco.