West-Flemish certificate for Betafence


We are very proud to announce (once again) that Betafence Belgium NV renewed it's West-Flemish Charter of Sustainable Entrepreneurship certificate. On 2018 June 30th, several companies received this award certificate. Through strong actions, we demonstrate that sustainability remains a cornerstone of our inspired policies.

For years now, Betafence is engaged in all its plants, and we earned our certificates thanks to several measures such as efficient use of water, energy and lack of waste. Sustainability is in our KPI's, and product quality insurance is the core of this engagement. Striving to make the world a better place, we will continuously improve our process in our factories, as well as in our offices.


Betafence sustainable development

For examples, our French offices implement the : 0 paper (almost). This is possible with the following actions :
- Double screens for all desk (one to read, one to work). 
- Invoices dematerialisation
- Automatic saving of e-mail, orders, invoices, correspondences from SAP, Outlook, Scans.

Thanks to these we reduce our paper use and dustbin volume by 80 %!

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