User-friendliness is one of the great advantages of Betafence fencing systems. Betafence is enhancing this reputation now even more by developing a number of assembly instruction videos that make installing its fencing even easier. With footage of assembly instructions and step by step guidance. View the videos now on

If you are about to install a Betafence fencing system but you are a bit hesitant to get stuck in, then you should have a look on YouTube. Simply enter the name of the fencing system and the appropriate assembly video appears on your screen. 
No theory or boring summary of what you have to do, but rather clear directions supported by plain practical images. You see a man at work; he will be your guide throughout the entire installation process. The up-close images show all the actions in detail. The materials used and specific application requirements are dealt with as well. 

Let’s get cracking! 
You will find, among others, videos on the popular panel fence system Bekafor Classic, the Zenturo fencing system consisting of Zenturo panels, as well as Pantanet, garden netting on rolls to be used in combination with the Bekaclip-P posts. 

Whichever system is suited to your needs, each instruction video is a handy step-by-step guide. All the way from measuring the terrain and digging the pits for the posts over the concrete works to the installing and attaching of the panels and/or the stringing up of the netting. 

Special application requirements are highlighted. How to make a corner? Or how to attach on a base? And after viewing the videos even the installation on a slope or against a wall will be as easy as anything.