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On request, several control access accessories can be installed to command Robusta sliding gate with Bekamatic motorisation. Scroll down and discover our accessories.

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Technical Information

Remote control

Faac remobe control for automatic sliding gates

Our electronic system can accept up to 128 remote controls. They will be set up according to your needs. Remote control configuration will be needed while filling out the order document.



The key switch consists of two standards open contacts. 
Gate movement: one contact at a time, by turning the key in the wanted direction to the left or to the right.
Connected to the gate controller: Key Open Input and Key-Close Input



We have 2 brands of keypads available: Geba and Bticino. One or other brand modules are chosen depending on the other access control. If another module from Bticino is used, the keypad will be also from Btcino brand just for reasons of design and integration in the gate.


3 push buttons

This option is delivered but not installed with the gate and not connected. The connection has to be done during the installation. You have to foresee the necessary wire length to connect the bow from the gate cabinet to its final location. This box is generally installed at an entrance control desk. 
Each button has a function: open/stop/close.


Card reader number

The system can accept up to 999 cards (1 function). It consists of a card reader placed on the gate or on a separate post. The decoder is installed inside the gate cabinet. 
You won't need to program more than 99 cards,  no additional RFI-Master is needed. 
If you need to program more than 99 cards, then an additional RFI-Master handheld unit will be provided for card configuration. 
If you use both functions, then it will divide the card number possibilities with the terminal by 2. 
Detection of the card is between 1 to 5 cm from the reader. 


Electronic inductive ground loop

Inductive ground loop length depends on the vehicle category using the entrance. 

  • 4 m: cars only (small detection)
  • 6 m: cars and trucks (medium detection)
  • 12 m: trucks (heavy detection)

Each inductive loop is supplied with 15 additional meters of wire to connect the gate with the sliding gate cabinet.
If you select 1 channel: you will have to choose between one of these two functions. 

  • Open the gate (in combination with auto-closing time)
  • Close the gate

If you select 2 channels, then you will independently set each function: open (CH1) and close (CH2)
Power supply 230 VAC


Clock timer

access-control-clockYou can choose between 2 main clock systems to control the function time of your access systems:

  • Week clock: Legrand Rex2000 D21W (on the right)
  • Year clock: Theben TR617 (on the left)



Interphone can be installed either on the gate or a separate column. If you install it on your gate reception post, then you will need to enhance it. You can select up to 5 call buttons on this interphone. One push button can be connected to several internal units. 
The system is delivered already connected. The internal unit is connected with a short cable which needs to be replaced on site with the real cable length needed.


Additional phone

Interphone or videophone are supplied with one phone. If you need more, you can order several.